Welcome to Scott McBride's home page.
Scott in front of headstones
ScottMcBride.net was designed with two main goals. The first goal was to make a portal site to make it easier for people locate psychology related information. The second goal of the site was to have a place that I could conduct online research. The research would of course be psychology related. There was another element that has come out of this site, that is it has given me away to show case my skills in web design and also to give future employers an idea of what I can do, have done, am doing. There are many other things that this site can become as it becomes more complete.
ScottMcBride.net is still a work in progress. There are elements to the site that have not been added as I am still putting them together. My hope is that when I have gotten all the elements finished that the site will have a lot more links and a way for people to send in new links to be added in later. You will find some links on the site are not active at this time, this is do to I have not finished all the pages for the site. I cannot say as to how long this will take as my time is split between school, research, and the building of this site. I will be placing below a notice of what is happening with the site as they happen. The notice of update will be a guide to what is happening and when things are happening to the site from here on out.
Thank you for visiting my site. Come back often to see the changes as they happen.
Thank you for your patients and understanding with all the changes and the long time delays.
Scott McBride
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