Papers By Scott McBride
Papers written while at Boise State University
I will be adding more papers as I get them web ready.
Biotechnology.pdf This paper was written for Capstone Perspectives on Psychological Issues (PSYC 489) at Boise State University.
Abstract Biotechnology and its consequences (e.g., manipulating DNA, curing illnesses, and human therapeutic cloning) are becoming increasingly scrutinized by the American public. The purpose of the present study was to find out if Boise State students support the use of biotechnology and whether their attitudes differ based on their degree of religiosity. A survey was given to 56 psychology and math students to gather information on their knowledge of and their opinions about biotechnology and its uses. We hypothesized that students who are religious would be more opposed to biotechnology than individuals who identified as non-religious. In opposition to our hypothesis, religion did not have direct effect on how biotechnology was viewed.
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